Personal consultations are the backbone of our company.

Backyard remedies began as a small herbal products business in the Piedmont of North Carolina where we spent much of our time scouring the landscape from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the coastal plains, searching out new plants and medicines. We are committed to harvest- ing and processing our own medicines. We have traveled extensively around the United States learning the medi- cines and plant allies of many regions. We recently transitioned to the Northern California’s Redwood country between the Sierras and the Pacific Ocean. While we are still a medicine make company, we are committed to producing products specifically tailored to our clients’ individual bodies and needs. Personal consultations are the backbone of what our company offers.

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In 2001 Amy officially began her herbal studies appren- ticing with Will Endres of Will’s Wild Herbs learning traditional Appalachian and Cherokee herbalism via his long studies with teachers C.F. “Catfish” Gray AKA “Catfish Man of the Woods” and Hawk Little John, respectively. The apprenticeship lead to employment at Will’s Wild Herbs, co-authoring a book on Calamus and a long lasting friendship. In 2006 Neil and Amy set off for Arizona to study with the Grandfather of Western Herbalism, the late Michael Moore, at his Southwest School of Botanical Medicine (SWSBM). They left the Sonoran border-town with more than just the herbs of an ecosystem, but the knowledge of the Eclectic physicians and others that paved the way of medical healing.


Amy studied at the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism (NAIMH) with Paul Bergner in 2007 and met his intense focus on metabolic syndrome (syndrome X, diabetes, insulin resistance) and food allergies. In 2001-2006 Amy worked on many small-scale farms and earned certificates in Sustainable Vegetable production and Sustainable Livestock Management from Central Carolina Community College in Pittsboro, NC.

Neil Vittum is also a Certified Clinical Herbalist. He attended the SWSBM and apprenticed with herbalist Will Endres in NC. Neil is a wildcrafter and medicine maker at Backyard Remedies; he also assists with many classes and currently works as an arborist.

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The following statements are for educational purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose, treat or heal any existing conditions. None of these educational descriptions have been evaluated by the FDA and are not to be used in place of medical care. Neither are these statements meant to be exhaustive of the herbs’ full potentials as medicinal agents. Herbs are best used with the advice and support of a qualified health practitioner who can evaluate your situation and case individually. If you are pregnant or nursing please seek the guidance of a qualified health practitioner before using any herbs.

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Under the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America, I retain the right to freedom of choice in health care. This includes the right to choose my diet, and to obtain, purchase and use any therapy, regimen, modality, remedy, or product recommended by the therapist, doctor, or practitioner of my choice. The enumeration in this declaration of these rights shall not be construed to deny or disparage other rights retained by me, or my right to amend this declaration at any time.

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