Herbal & Nutritional support for Preconception/Fertility, Pregnancy, and Postpartum Care

Written on April 22, 2014 at 10:23 pm, by admin in Blog

I’m offering a 3-part series on Herbal & Nutritional Support for Fertility, Pregnancy & Post-Partum. These classes are being taught consecutively, but are really stand alone units. No need to attend all three. We will be laying out and revisiting nutritional guidelines, traditional diets and real food ideas in each class. We’ll hit the herbal highlights and answer your questions. Our focus is preventative care through nutritional and herbal support, but we will deal with acute issues as well. I’ll be collecting email addresses in class to send out additional articles and resources. Come with your loved ones!

Thursdays, 5:30pm- 7:30pm @ Sequoia Wellness in Garberville
$30 per class Pre-registration required
($5 off per person when you register with a friend/partner)

Thursday, May 22nd

Fertility & Preconception: Herbs and Nutrition for pre-conception and reproductive health. What is fertility and how do we achieve it through herbs, food and supplements? Sacred foods for pregnancy, herbs to support conception and what role does the father’s health play?

Thursday, May 29nd
Pregnancy: Herbs and Nutrition for pregnancy and all it’s trimmings: supporting a healthy pregnancy, trouble-shooting pregnancy symptoms, and preparing for labor.

Thursday, June 5th
Post-partum and Baby Care: Herbs and nutrition for healing, breastfeeding support, and warding off post partum blues, plus mom & infant herbal care.

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Herbal Training – Summer Immersion

Written on April 14, 2014, by admin in Blog

I’m happy to announce that I am (finally) teaching a longer course. June 30th, we kick off an 8-week Summer immersion held at Sequoia Wellness + Apothecary in Garberville, CA. We’ll be meeting Monday from 10-2pm and delving into the world of herbal medicine.  We will talk  harvest and preservation techniques as well as plant…  Read the Rest >