Pickles, Chutnies and Sauces – Canned Goods for sale!

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Most creations come in both Pint (16oz.) and 1/2 Pint (8 oz.)  jars.

1/2 Pints = $5

Pints = $8

They ship in a $11 flat rate mailer that accommodates at least 7-13 jars depending on the size combination.

Available while supplies last.

I will be shipping until Saturday, December 18th! THANK YOU!!


pickles, chutnies and sauces galore!



I will be the first to admit that I am not a fan or jams and super sweet concoctions. These are not overly sweet and can be used in savory ways as well.


Apple-Ginger Marmalade — A thick apple spread that accompanies cheese plates, pork chops and morning toast with equal joy and satisfaction.


Pear Butter — sublimely spiced with cardamom and friends.


Peach Chutney — Sweet & Spicy and delicious in chicken or tuna salads; great with meats of all kinds.




Apple Catsup — This recipe of my great-grandmothers is a sweet and savory and begging to be eaten with pork. Onion, black pepper, apples and sugar combine in this delightful sauce.


Tomato ketchup — Corn syrup, aluminum and additive free; made from organically grown “Heinz” tomatoes.


Sweet, Smokey and Spicy Ketch-a-Que Sauce — I was trying to make a smokey ketchup, which my husband rightfully pointed out is really BBQ sauce. We split the difference. With organically grown “Heinz” tomatoes, smoked paprika, chipotle peppers and my Moroccan magic spice blend.


Sweet and Tangy Tomato Chutney — This is a bright and vibrant tomato sauce was created to accent Asian flavors of all kinds. I suggest it as a base for a Pad Thai sauce. Made with organically grown “Heinz” tomatoes, preserved lime, ginger and garlic.




I’m often told, “my kids {husband, daughter, mom…}  only eats Vlasic, but they loved your pickles.”

Crisp, flavorful pickles without aluminum and artificial dyes.



Curried Green Tomato Pickles — My suggestion is saute some ground beef or lamb with some onions and add the tomatoes for the last few minutes. Instant picadillo-ish dinner.


Zucchini Hot dog Relish — Every child that came by my booth bought one this season.


Chow Chow — A Southern Tradition. This version of the relish is only slightly sweet but still features full flavors from the cabbage, peppers, corn and onions that make it a staple for salads, sandwiches and summer salads alike.


Sweet Dill Chip Pickles — crisped with grape leaves and dill seeds.


Dill Pickle Slices — Lemon cucumber slices with the traditional trappings of a great pickle.


Mixed Dill Pickle Spears — Cucumbers with accents of carrots, squash, green beans and garlic. Crispy and delicious in its “pickleness”.


Plump Little Dill Spears — Many of my cucs where more round than long this year, hence the “plump” moniker. Homegrown dill leaf and seed with our grape leaves and garlic.


Bread & Butter Pickles — Traditional flavor with less sugar. Onions and zucchini from our garden!


Jicama, Chayote and Bell Pepper Pickles — Spicy, crunchy cubes ideal for accompanying Mexican meals.


Pickled Cauliflower Florets — Indian spices with onions and lots of color! My favorite.


Super Immune Stock — Broken Bone Broth $20 for 32oz.


Suggested Use: Freeze contents in ice cube trays and add 1-3 cubes to any meal in place of other liquid. Alternatively, use 1/8-1/2 c stock in meals as a deeply nourishing and building medicine. Cook with grains or eat as broth.


Ingredients: Organic chicken/turkey, codonopsis, turkey tails, birch polypore, lion’s mane, red belted polypore, astragalus, hawthorn berry, burdock root, seaweed, garlic, cilantro, parsley, leek, onions, carrots, bay, thyme, marjoram, chili peppers, bell peppers, celery, summer squash and apple cider vinegar.


“Let Thy Food Be Thy Medicine.” – Hippocrates

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