Templeton’s Egg

Written on May 26, 2011 at 2:42 pm, by admin in Blog

We’ve all heard the idioms about rotten eggs, but never could I imagine…..

One of the most disgusting things that has EVER happened to me just occurred and although its been months since I’ve blogged this is the most note worthy farm occurrence in ages. I was just in the chicken coop and decided that the unhatched eggs needed to go and I could replace them with a fresh clutch for a potential mom. We’ve got a few new peep-peeps, as I have taken to calling them, and that mom is super protective, as most new mothers are. I opened the cage to grab the unhatched ones and she literally attacked me: pecked and scratched, drew blood and then flew out of the nesting cage at me. Wow and ouch, but to be expected. I grabbed a stick to roll the eggs from the back of the cage to where I could reach them and then it happened – the doggone thing exploded! Like, for real, it totally popped open with a loud noise and, you guessed it, acrid, noxious fumes of the most abhorrent nature.

Basically, it was just a little ball of gas fermenting in this shell waiting for an unsuspecting chicken farmer to come along and pop it. I don’t think I will ever forget this experience, and the rank sulfur smell may never leave my lungs and mouth. This would be a perfect weapon for chemical warfare. No need for expensive mustard gases and neuro-toxins: you can make your own rotten eggs in 21 days. There were quite a few unhatched eggs and as I am choking and scooping them into the trash bag they are all exploding and popping off. Lesson learned. Make sure all your chicks hatch and you too can avoid this problem. Be very careful with abandoned eggs.

I recall Templeton, the rat from Charlotte’s Web, who relished in the rotten egg and rolled it back to his home. I would like to hire him in three weeks if we have any more unhatched time bombs.

Templeton, give me a ring!

On a totally unrelated note here is a picture of some lovely Spring Kim-chi, garlicky and gingery in aroma made without cabbage and instead with kale from the garden. It’s fermenting in a new jar I got in San Francisco’s china town this Christmas that has a cool water seal built in.

Spring Kimchi

Spring Kimchi

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