Veinous Integrity and the Flavonoid Bomb

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One of the things that keeps me from posting more regularly is feeling like I have to be exhaustive on a subject. If I want to write a post on veins shouldn’t I include everything I ever learned about varicose veins? What about heart conditions? The remedies for spider veins and hemorrhoids? Recipes for including more quercetin and flavonoids? Then I get overwhelmed and decide there isn’t enough time in the day to blog. Which, if you think like that, there isn’t.

My equinoxial-resolution is to just pick small things and get them out there.

Elder Berries. Look for them in the bulk dried herb section of your local store.

I’m working on a consultation write up today and was reminded of a recipe I used to make that came from one of the many Herb Schools I attended. Someone named it “The Flavonoid Bomb” and the name stuck for obvious reasons.

It’s a tonic to improve the veins and capillaries system wide. Listen up all ye with varicosites, spider veins, mothers of all kinds, hemorrhoids havers, those concerned with blood flow to the brain and dementia issues, anyone who stands for a living, is a waitress or did I mention mothers? Diabetes sufferers, macular degenerates, reynaudians, vertigolians, tinnitus ringers, and inflammatory folks of all kinds.

Here’s a delicious way to mind the integrity of our blood lines and be bathed in anti-oxidants to boot.

Flavonoids are anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer and are usually the yellow pigments. Anthocyanins are the dark purple pigments and should be included here as well. Flavonoids strengthen vascular tissue throughout the body including the brain.

For the Bomb you want to choose dried berries, unsweetened if possible, and watch out for all the berries that have been vegetable oiled, although it is hard to avoid. Look for them in the bulk bins of your health food stores or buy them prepackaged at Trader Joe’s. Get a nice assortment of: Blueberries, Huckleberries, Bilberries, Prickly Pear fruit, Cherries, Cranberries, Pomegranate seeds, and Citrus Peels of all kinds.

For those of you who want to add in some wild/foraged/herbal goodness: Service Berries, Salal Berries, Rose Hips, Elder Berries, Aralia Berries, Mulberries, and Hawthorn Berries are all great choices.

Don’t forget that the red/orange/purple edible flowers can be added to your diet/mixture as well: Ocotillo Flowers, Hibiscus, Penstemon, Calendula, Hollyhocks, etc.

A note on Citrus peels. You can look for “citrus” in the bulk dried herb section and  this is usually a Chinese orange species. You can also save your own peels from any organic citrus you have at home. I only save organic as citrus is heavily sprayed. When you peel that lunch time orange save and dry all the little bits. Have a morning grapefruit? Slice the empty rind and set it by the wood stove or pop it in a paper bag in a sunny window. Cutting the rind into small pieces will help it dry faster and be the perfect size for the Flavonoid Bomb when everything is re-hydrated.


Citrus Bioflavonoids are Found in the Peels Themselves.

Flavonoid Bomb Recipe

4 parts dried mixed berries (and flowers if using)
1 part dried citrus peel
Combine the dried goods in a glass jar twice the volume of the dried berries and fill 3/4 full with your favorite variety of dark, sugar free, juice such as Knudsen’s Just Pomegranate, Just Blueberry, Just Cherry, or Just Cranberry. Store in refrigerator and allow to rehydrate overnight.

Add spices if desired like ground cinnamon, cardamom and clove, or enjoy plain.

Use a generous spoonful per day on toast, in your oatmeal, as a topping for yogurt or deserts. Go savory and use as a topping for grilled or roasted meats. Grind into a sauce for any of the above. But, really you can just eat it by the spoonful as the most delicious supplement you’re likely to encounter.

Cranberries Showing Some Flavonoid Love.

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2 Comments to Veinous Integrity and the Flavonoid Bomb

  1. Joooooolia says
    on March 17th, 2012 at 8:02 pm

    Yum. Sounds delicious…

  2. Gilberto says
    on June 28th, 2013 at 12:35 pm

    It’s hard to find experienced people on this topic, however, you sound like you know what you’re talking about!

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